When it comes to the health benefits of losing belly fat, none are as important as staving off some potentially life threatening diseases. Most of the time we think of belly fat as ugly, but there are some serious side effects to that unsightly belly. There is a difference between being "apple-shaped" and being "pear-shaped". Fat stored in the mid-section is more dangerous than in the thighs or legs. It is called visceral fat and can build up around your organs. Compare this to subcutaneous fat which is stored near the surface of the skin and is easier to lose and less dangerous. Visceral fat tend to become inflamed and can lead to cancer, heart disease, stroke and even type ll diabetes. The risk of dying prematurely can double.

A study done in Europe concluded that a 2-inch increase in waist size resulted in a 17% increase in early death in men and a 13% increase in early death in women. Men who had a waist size of more than 40-inches and women who had a waist size of more than 35-inches had double the risk of early death than men who had a 34-inch waist and 28-inches in women. That is a pretty scary statistic due to too much belly fat.

To lower the risks of getting any of these diseases or other complications we need to get rid of the dangerous belly fat hovering about our mid-section by getting active and changing our dietary habits. With some changes to our exercise routine (as in start now) and eating healthy foods we can greatly reduce the chances of getting any of the above mentioned diseases or early death.

Another health benefit to losing belly fat has to do with our appearance. If we look good, we tend to feel better about ourselves. Feeling good leads us to be more self-confident and boosts our self-esteem. This can have a profound impact on our social life.

Also if we feel good about our appearance, we will probably get out and exercise more instead of hiding inside where no one can see us. Go for a walk, bike ride or just get outside and clean the yard. You would be surprised at how great you'll feel when you can proudly wear the clothes you want to without feeling embarrassed by how you look.


Source by Jenna Dotson

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